Relaxed at work.
Agustín García Albarido is a full day kayak guide and instructor working in a unique ecosystem called Delta of the Paraná River (see
He is studying environment engineering in the UFLO university in Buenos Aires.
Paddling is for him the best way to be in touch with his favourite element: water!
Facing the wind will be his first long distance expedition, over 4000 miles.
"Im focused on what´s coming, it wont be easy, not many people paddled in the Argentinian sea coasts so we don´t have many comments or advice. We´ll discover the sea threats and dangerous places during this trip. 10 months paddling, our sea kayaking dream. I always remember a slogan that says: "Life´s too short no to be" so people what are we waiting for?? Lets go paddling!!!"
Publications about wildlife, local people and environment will be his pastime during the trip.

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